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ACME POS System Bundle


Acme POS delivers an incredible array of features for any grocery or specialty retail store. With both a POS, and back office with integrated marketing, this system and its many peripheral devices are able to support the special POS and ecommerce needs of specialty retail stores, featuring integration and easy management of feeds to business ecommerce sites. This is a highly specialized and thus, extremely powerful POS and back office system perfect for all kinds of specialty retail needs. With ACME’s POS system, businesses like online clothing and other retail stores can simplify their back office processes as well as increase their profit margins through the platform using the many specialized business and ecommerce tools.

Who Should Use ACME POS?

This is the perfect match for specialty retail stores like apparel stores with online ecommerce sites. The ACME POS system can be used from a computer, or an all-in-one hardware terminal can be purchased. As such, this makes the platform great for businesses like grocery stores as well. With great CRM and marketing features and integration into commonly used applications, specialty retail businesses and grocery stores can increase their customer loyalty through email, mobile, and local media channels. I found that there are many peripheral supports and many are specialized for grocers, which really solidifies ACME’s position as a POS and back office provider for these types of businesses.

Fees & Pricing

ACME provides two main pricing plans according to whether the client’s business needs a hardware terminal or not. You can choose between either using only the ACME POS software on your own hardware, or you can opt to use their all-in-one POS station. Using ACME’s POS software requires a subscription fee ranging between $69 and $99 per month, whereas use of the specialized terminal with integrated software and Windows would cost a flat fee of $995 and a $115 per month subscription. This POS station comes with 3 year warranty, and can be refreshed every 3 years. Unfortunately, you are basically renting the hardware with this option and you do not actually own it. ACME does however, offer special bundles for sale where you can actually purchase and own hardware for life, however the pricing on these bundles will likely be much higher.


The ACME POS system is unique in providing specialized solutions to the business, inventory, and marketing needs of specialty retail stores. As such, this point-of-sale system features several tools and integrations which are highly useful in facilitating sales and management. Some of the unique features provided by ACME include:

  • Specialized hardware and software
  • Back office server with integration of accounting and many other software
  • Management of marketing feeds
  • CRM and inventory control optimized for specialty retail
  • Access to various helpful online resources in ACME University

Ease of Use & User Interface

I found that the user interface seems more technical than other POS systems featuring a nicely sized on-screen number pad, and is clearly meant more for staff and employee use. That being said, the shortcuts and tools provided with the platform do seem to help facilitate the rapid transaction needs of certain specialty retail stores and definitely grocery stores. Learning to use all aspects of the interface may take some training, but ACME does provide many helpful articles and resources in it’s ACME University section. For the purposes of grocers and specialty retail stores however, I found that this interface does a good job as a POS terminal.

Customer Service

ACME does an incredible job in providing customer service and support for their software and system, and I thought that the ACME University resources was of great use. Their support team is reachable through email as well as international/local phone call. In terms of customer support, ACME does a good job of enabling businesses to self-address common problems by providing many useful videos, FAQ info, and resources. This is both great for ACME as well as business owners in terms of saving time.

POS Hardware & POS Software Compatibility

The amount of peripheral devices supported is huge and provides the solution for many special needs, including barcode scanners, payment terminals with debit card processing, stations, and many others. For specialty retail stores and grocery stores, this wide selection of peripheral devices may be highly attractive in providing the perfect blend of solutions. The software is used on Windows operating system, which limits it’s compatibility. Other POS systems may be better suited for more customer-facing needs or for iPad/Macs.

Integration & Add-Ons

ACME’s software integrates with many commonly used applications and software, mostly notably AccountMate. This also includes software for managing CRM, sales, inventory, and marketing needs. These integrations definitely serve the needs of specialty retail stores and grocers who are looking for a solution for back office facilitation and processing. The integration with accounting software is definitely a great tool and feature and is optimized to ease the accounting and various internal processes of specialty retail stores.


  • Highly specialized and optimized for grocery stores and specialty retail
  • Integration with many key applications
  • Great support and resources
  • Wide range of peripheral support
  • Great employee and profile management system


  • Windows only
  • Not optimized to be customer-facing
  • Limited to certain business types
  • Limited customization

A great system for businesses such as grocery stores. ACME’s POS system offers any peripheral device you can think of, with core features aimed at speed and back office facilitation. I would suggest this system more for employee usage, and in businesses with high traffic where speed and efficiency trumps customer interaction.

Final Verdict

In terms of providing a POS and back office management system for specialty retail stores, ACME’s software and hardware definitely provides the perfect solution. The integration with these businesses’ commonly used software applications means a much more intensive system and helps with their special needs. Unfortunately, this specialization does limit the types of businesses who benefit from ACME’s setup as the customization options are likewise limited. As a system meant to be used by staff, this POS platform is optimized for speed and utility rather than for fancy or customer-friendly interface. However, this is definitely a great benefit to certain types of businesses who are looking for a more technical and specialized point-of-sale interface aimed at speeding up checkout.