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In the past few years, there has been a boom in emerging retail POS technology. Choosing an appropriate and effective POS system can increase total sales, productivity, and alleviate management stresses. Although not all POS technologies are as reliable and effective as others. Luckily there’s Bindo: a cloud-based iPad POS system transforming the marketplace for small businesses. Bindo provides a simple, yet cutting-edge POS software that gives retailers complete control over sales, customer relations, employee management, back office tasks, and much more. Additionally, the POS organization is soon releasing Bindo Marketplace, which seamlessly makes a business’ entire inventory available for online purchases. The Bindo Marketplace gives each partnering business an individual storefront on the internet, which is then searchable based on relative location to potential consumers. Operating since 2011, Bindo has already processed over 180,000 individual sales transactions and $40 million since the first release of the beta version in March 2013. Much more than another tablet-based POS software, Bindo is actively changing the relationship between online and offline marketplace contexts, as well as the experiences for both small businesses and consumers.

Who Should Use Bindo?

Bindo’s POS software is geared towards small to medium sized businesses, but has the ability to store and process large amounts of inventory.  Functioning on the cloud network, items (both UPC and customized) can be entered into the inventory and then scanned in the future for an easy stocking process. While the Bindo POS system is functional for most small and medium sized businesses, it may not be ideal for sit-down restaurants due to the absence of certain ordering and table management features. Here is sample of businesses types that are perfect fits for the Bindo POS System:

  • Wine and Liquor Stores
  • Pet Stores
  • Pharmacies and Health Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Clothing Stores
  • Sports and Outdoors Stores
  • Lifestyle and Furniture Stores
  • Gift Stores
  • Delicatessens
  • Candy Stores
  • Salons & Spas
  • Smoke and Vape Shops

As we further detail in this comprehensive point of sale review, Bindo’s features and affordances allow this POS system to truly cater to most every type of retailer! Specifically, Bindo expresses a true passion for supporting local business. Their upcoming Bindo Marketplace component is entirely dedicated to establishing an online purchasing space for each individual store. Think of it as a homegrown version of Amazon aiming to give consumers access to local businesses around their current location!

Fees & Pricing

Unlike some POS companies, Bindo cleverly recognizes that despite the label “small business”, most small business actually vary in size and total sales transactions. Bindo accounts for the aforementioned types of businesses by offering affordable pricing packages. Merchants are given the option to pay either a monthly or yearly user fee and packages differ by hardware, the amount of registered employee users and frequent customers, inventory storage within the cloud network, and customer support. The POS system packages range from the following:

  • Lite
    • Free
    • Up to 50 customers stored in the POS system
    • Up to 2 registered employee users
    • Up to 15 Products stored in the POS system
    • Includes and supports 1 register
    • Email support from 8 AM – 8 PM
  • Basic
    • $79 per month billed annually OR $89 per month billed month-by-month
    • Unlimited customers and registered employees
    • Up to 1,000 products
    • Includes 1 registers
      • Supports 2 registers
      • Extra $49 per month for each additional register
    • Email support from 8 AM – 8 PM
  • Pro
    • $149 per month billed annually OR $159 per month billed monthly
    • unlimited customers and registered employees
    • Up to 10,000 products
    • Includes 1 register
      • Supports up to 5 registers
      • Extra $49 per month for each additional register
    • 24/7 email AND phone support
  • Multi-Store
    • Must contact Bindo for individual pricing quote
    • Unlimited customers and registered employees
    • Unlimited products
    • Includes 1 register
      •  Supports unlimited registers
      • Extra $99 per month for each additional register

Credit Card Processors

Bindo processes most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, China Unionpay, JCB, Diner’s Club, along with many others. If a merchant is already tied to a credit card processor, Bindo simply allows you to stay with that processor. Otherwise Bindo can set merchants up with one of their reliable credit card processing partners. This iPad point of sale system is also PCI-compliant and claims to have never had a security breach! Bindo assures customers maximum security surrounding all card transactions.


Since its initial release, Bindo has really listened to its customers and implemented key features that put it above other competing iPad POS systems. It’s the little things that make Bindo’s software simpler and more effective than competitors. For example, employees can add and store individual customers (and their information) into the system that frequent the store. The Customer tab shows all recorded customer and their individual details. Each customer profile includes purchase histories, frequently used credit cards, billing and shipping addresses, store credit accounts, and loyalty accounts. Utilizing these customer attributes can certainly improve CRM and help boost frequent sales. I found that store credit and loyalty rewards were extremely handy features that could create strong bonds between retailers and consumers. Bindo retailers even have the option to issue customized gift cards. Other notable sales-related features include issuing refunds, splitting payments, duplicating and emailing receipts, discounts, and invoices. Another small feature Bindo includes, that I have not noticed on other POS systems, is the option to queue a present sales transaction. Say that a customer forgot their wallet after and runs to their car after you just finished ringing up their order. The employee can simply queue the order and come back to it when they return with their tender, taking other customers until the previous one is ready to pay.

Beyond point of sale transactions, Bindo possesses fantastic management features. Employees registered with the Bindo POS system are given individual PINs. Using these PINs, employees clock in on the iPad and managers can easily track their total hours and sales made. Employee information can then be accessed by date and adjustable time periods. Imagine all the time being saved surrounding payroll; all the information is already recorded and easily sortable under the Time Clock tab.

Inventory and purchase ordering are also simplified within the Bindo POS application. Bindo supports millions of pre-scanned items using UPC items. If Bindo doesn’t already have the item in the database, the POS system allows for merchants to create custom product barcodes using a compatible label printer. Product scanning and barcodes are clearly not a problem. Once entered into the system, all products are listed and searchable under the Inventory tab. Incredibly easy to find products and all their necessary information. The Purchase Ordering lets managers deftly keep track of every purchase order detail, such as the status (created, submitted, fulfilled), price, supplier, amount ordered, and additional remarks. Bindo’s POS will even give merchants a reminder to reorder when stock of a certain product is running out.  The Suppliers tab provides a searchable database of all suppliers, each supplier’s products that are carried in your store, and a detailed product order history.

What else does Bindo offer that other POS systems might not? Gift cards and discounts! Bindo makes it so easy to create and assign discounts at the point of sale, or even per specific customer. The same is true with gift cards: assign, add, or suspend credit to gift cards. The Bindo Loyalty program also proved incredibly useful towards attracting customers back to the store. Merchants can track customer activity and assign rewards based on customer spending, the amount of visits, and the number of products purchased. The actual rewards that the Bindo POS offers include order and product discounts, store credit, and custom rewards. Using Bindo, merchants are afforded extreme flexibility surrounding how they construct and manage their reward point system.

Lastly, there’s no more wasting time paying for exterior business reports with Bindo. The Reports tabs provides a wide variety of business reports that include all recorded information in the POS. The work is already done for you; there’s no time or money wasted manually entering information into other softwares. Reports display a merchant’s data and information on a clearly crafted and organized document that’s understandable for everyone. The reports are also adjustable by time periods and easily printed or exported via email. Ranging from the Employee Time Clock to Product Sold Summary Reports, Bindo’s analytical software gives merchants a definite edge in regards to managing expenses, business growth, and saving money.

Ease of Use & POS User Interface

Functioning on the brilliant display of the iPad, the Bindo App is easily downloadable for free from the Apple’s online App Store. Compared to previously reviewed POS systems, Bindo is by far the most straightforward and easy to use. Each feature has its own specific tab that’s accessed from the dropdown menu in the top-left corner of the screen. Many of the categories (products, suppliers, customers, etc.) are easy to customize to the need of individual businesses. The iPad user interface is a colorful system that projects and pairs indicative graphics and literal labels to do exactly what the user expects them to do. Users won’t be stranded with a boring, dated-looking POS system. Every management and POS task is done from the iPad, but merchants can also access information and reports from their mobile devices. We found that users will be happy with the minimal ambiguity and fantastic search features on the iPad POS system. Not to mention, there’s a great supplemental Bindo support website and outstanding customer support. It basically took 15 minutes to understand all the core functions of the Bindo POS App. Merchants will be continually surprised to find that every little POS function they need is already included.

Customer Service

As previously detailed in this point of sale review, the limits of customer report are set depending upon the plan a merchants selects. Although even the lowest plans will give all the support a business needs. The email support is timely, personal, and very helpful. You’re never left hanging or forwarded a generic automatic response. Customer support over the phone connects you to a friendly Bindo customer support expert that knows every imaginable facet of the POS system. Other reviews on the Bindo POS system detail great experiences surrounding the communication with the Bindo staff! By email or phone, Bindo employees will solve any issues that might pop up.

One merchant from a review reported, “I always get a contact person at Bindo if I need help. It saves time, space, and messy paperwork.”

Another review mentioned, “customer support is where they shine! They are very responsive and knowledgable about merchants’ problems and quick to find solutions.”

POS Software & Hardware Compatibility

Bindo’s POS system currently functions on all iPads using iOS 7 or later, although merchants can access certain information and reports from their mobile devices. All packages come with the following hardware:

  • iPad Stand
    • Windfall Secure Stand
  • Receipt Printer
    • Star Micronics TSP143
  • Barcode Scanner
    • Socket Mobile 7Ci
  • Cash Drawer
    • APG Vasario 1616
  • Credit Card Reader
    • UniMag Mobile Magstripe

Bindo does not include the printers from custom barcodes. Merchants purchasing a label printer must use either of the two compatible printers

  • Brother QL-710w
  • Brother QL-720nw

A WiFi router with a strong connection is also required to run the Bindo App.

Integration and Add-ons

Under the Settings section of the Bindo POS App, there’s a Add-ons tab. At this point you can decide to enable a variety of useful Add-ons:

  • Time Clock
  • Loyalty Program
  • Gift Receipts
  • Item Auto-grouping On Receipts
  • Overwriting Prices At Checkout
  • Invoices
  • Serialized Inventory
  • Sales Tracking By Associate
  • Cash Management

In regards to new Add-Ons and Integration, Bindo supports an open API and is developer friendly.

Final Pro vs. Con List

To make it easier for you, we’ve summed up key points to know about the iPad point of sale system, Bindo:


  • Cloud-based
  • Works for all types of retailers
  • Diverse and affordable pricing packages
  • Intuitive and beautiful user interface
  • Easy inventory management (supports UPC codes)
  • Purchase Ordering management
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Gift Cards
  • Customized business reports
  • Invoicing
  • Fantastic customer support


  • Bindo POS App is only available on the iPad
  • Not compatible with restaurants
  • Does not come with barcode label printer
    • Need to purchase one
  • Not all pricing packages come with phone support
  • Currently does not support Android
  • Does not offer included accounting services
  • Must have strong wireless router to maintain Cloud connection

Bindo POS Review: Final Verdict

Judging simply by its ability to conduct a sales transaction, Bindo passes with flying colors. Merchants will have no problems ringing customers amount in a timely fashion and keeping track of all sales data. Bindo is our most recent POS software we’ve reviewed and also has by far the best user interface. It maintains simplicity and conciseness, while also providing a POS that employees wouldn’t mind looking at and using all day. The point of sales system’s customization makes it perfect for stores ranging from skateboard shops to liquor stores. Bindo can really handle stores of any size, although it doesn’t appeal so much to mega corporates like Walmart or Target. Small to medium sized businesses would benefit most from the neat features and available add-ons. The employees at Bindo clearly understand what local merchants need in order to create a fluid transaction process: splitting tender, tipping, customer rewards, easy inventory management. With that said, Bindo is the most complete and user-friendly, cloud-based point of sale system reviewed so far. Merchants that choose Bindo as a POS system will be entirely satisfied and given the necessary tools to enhance sales and business growth. Also keep a lookout for their soon-to-be-released Bindo Marketplace. Concluding our comprehensive POS review, Bindo is a reliable and choice iPad POS system that is certainly on the rise!