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Kounta POS System


Kounta’s POS system was designed to separate itself from the rest of the pack by providing a POS system that focuses on hospitality. Simple, yet powerful, the Kounta POS system delivers a unique combination of flexibility and scalability for business owners. The platform is easy-to-use and operates on iPad, Mac, Windows PC, and traditional POS terminals meaning seamless integration. With many extras features such as offline syncing, gift card management, and barcode scanning, this POS packs some serious functionality. Combine this with a highly attractive price level, and you have a system which combines the best from many worlds.

Who Should Use Kounta POS?

Packing a variety of functions, tools, and features, Kounta’s POS system appeals to any small-medium sized business. The easy-to-use platform allows entry-level businesses to quickly become familiar with the interface, and the functionality allows the power and customizability that more experienced businesses may need. That being said however, restaurants, quick-serve restaurants, and other hospitality-focused businesses may benefit more from this POS system. The offline syncing, check splitting, and payment customizability are a few of the features which are highly useful for the previously mentioned business types.

Fees & Pricing

Kounta offers a simple two-tier subscription-based pricing structure for its POS. The cost of a Business-tier subscription is $50 per month for one register, with each additional register adding on $50 to the monthly cost. In addition, Kounta also has a Lite-tier subscription which is free to use, but has severe limitations such as a cap of 10 transaction per day. Extra add-on features may also cost additional fees, though many of Kounta’s add-ons are free. In my opinion, this pricing structure is great, with the Lite version acting as both a “free trial” of sorts to new users, as well as a “default mode” for when businesses do not need the intensive features of the Business-tier, or for when sales are slow.


Kounta’s POS system offers the basic features found in most other similarly performing point-of-sale platforms. However, they do provide some key features which are worthy of mention. A few listed features may be unique to Kounta and some may not, but all features mentioned are ones Kounta provided which were deemed most useful for small-medium sized businesses.

  • Great variety of POS features
    • Barcode scanning
    • Multi-store support
    • Offline transaction processing
  • Inventory control and management with reporting features
  • CRM and email marketing

The tip-cash reconcilliation is one feature I especially enjoyed, and is a great tool for restaurant and hospitality-focused businesses.

Ease of Use & User Interface

Kounta’s platform sports a sleek user interface, which is easy to navigate. I noticed that there is a good range of customizability which extends into the reporting features, allowing you to create some interesting metrics reports. There was quite an abundance of add-ons and extra features! Looking at the add-on section of the dashboard, I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of “extras” that you can integrate, but somehow the system gives off the feeling that a business owner could still easily learn and make use of this hoard of functionality. While I didn’t run into any bugs or issues, I feel that it’s definitely worth noting that there has been reports from current users about instances of slow loading and updates which caused glitches. Overall, the Kounta interface provided an enjoyable user experience for me.

Customer Service

Great customer service should be expected from any POS provider, so it’s great that Kounta provides customers with 24/7 email and online support. They offer help with customizations which is a definite plus. There have been recent reports of longer than usual wait times for responses from support, but to be fair, this is expected from Kounta’s rapid growth. Even so, the reported wait times are not lengthy enough to be of any serious concern.

POS Hardware & POS Software Compatibility

This area of compatibility is where Kounta performs really well. Kounta’s POS is platform-agnostic, meaning seamless integration into your device of choice, whether that be an iPad, Mac, PC, or an existing POS terminal. Of course, they are also compatible with standard point-of-sale hardware such as barcode scanners and receipt printers.

Integration & Add-Ons

In terms of add-ons, Kounta truly let me speechless. There were just so many “extras” in addition to the core tools that exist. What I thought was particularly noteworthy was how Kounta’s add-on features were designed to cater to the niche needs of specific business types. For example, they feature a Tables app for mapping dining rooms, which is a simple but powerful tool for restaurants. The great thing is that there are developers constantly working with Kounta’s API meaning that we can expect some interesting new apps and functionality that may be created. It should also be mentioned that Kounta has sought out integration with some well-known companies, one of which is the payment transaction giant, Paypal. This definitely adds extra value to Kounta’s POS platform.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Wide range of functionality compounded by the selection of add-ons
  • Simple, ease-to-use design which is also powerful
  • Platform-agnostic with great integration
  • Offline syncing
  • Powerful features for hospitality and food-service businesses


  • Core functions may not be as intensive or customizable as similar POS systems
  • Several reports of glitches caused by updates
  • Few peripheral support devices
  • Some features and tools may require additional fees or outsourcing

A top-tier POS system whose performance excels in business verticals focused around food-service or hospitality, but performs well in general. Kounta provides competitive pricing, specialized features, and an excess of add-on’s. I would highly recommend Kounta for any restaurant or quick-serve business.

Final Verdict

All-in-all Kounta manages to provide a POS system that is optimized for hospitality and food-service businesses, but performs well across most other verticals. The platform is easy to navigate and works well for small, single store businesses as well as medium sized multi-store businesses. Users will definitely be happy with Kounta’s free Lite version, although most businesses will likely find this free version too limited. However their paid Business plan is very attractively priced and offers the flexibility of switching between the two versions as well as month-to-month subscription basis. Unfortunately, when compared to other similar POS systems, Kounta did not seem as intensive though the add-on features may help bridge this gap. Users with existing infrastructure and systems supported by Kounta’s add-ons will actually benefit from Kounta’s setup, however businesses looking for more of an “all-in-one”, completely-integrated system may prefer another POS. Overall however, Kounta delivers a solid POS solution for most businesses, and is definitely a top performer for restaurants, QSR, and other hospitality-focused businesses.