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NCR Silver POS System


NCR Silver is a cloud-based tablet POS system created by the software and hardware giant, NCR Corporation, which has previously produced Aloha POS for restaurants and Counterpoint POS for big retailers. NCR Silver is the company’s new line of mobile POS systems aimed at targeting small, single-location businesses, and provides a great addition to NCR’s collection of existing POS systems. Being the newest product of a big corporation with decades of history, NCR Silver boasts many perks and advantages to the competition, especially when it comes to top performance in CRM and marketing solutions. With some powerful and unique features, flexible pricing structures, and endless list of integrations and peripherals, NCR Silver solidifies its position as a top-performing cloud-based POS system for small businesses.

Who Should Use NCR Silver POS?

Like many other cloud-based POS systems, NCR Silver caters to small-to-medium sized retail businesses. Larger businesses and restaurants will likely not benefit from NCR Silver and would be better off sticking with Aloha or Counterpoint POS. With the addition of multiple-location support, NCR Silver has slightly expanded it’s target audience, though most stores seeking NCR Silver will be single-location businesses. The main functionality provided by NCR Silver is in it’s marketing and CRM features, so this system would be a great match for small businesses in need of customer profiles, purchase histories, and marketing/email management.

Fees & Pricing

NCR Silver provides two main subscription-based pricing plans: a $59 per month plan which covers all basic needs, and a $129 per month plan which includes additional features that may benefit restaurants. Additional tablet registers can be added, and the associated fee is calculated on a per-sale basis, capping off at $29 per month per device. For a flat payment of $299, NCR Silver customers are also allowed access to a personal representative who can help with setup and issues. In my opinion however, this “feature” is not worth the cost, because mobile POS software shouldn’t be overly-complicated to set-up, and any issues could be directed to customer support anyways. Additional peripheral devices are provided at additional costs.


I found that NCR Silver provided a great variety of features that included several unique tools not provided by similar competitors. Key notable features I want to point out are email marketing capabilities, customer tracking and profiling, and alerting systems, all of which show NCR Silver’s focus on data collection and sales improvement.

  • Provides pretty complete list of standard cloud-based POS features
  • Tracks and profiles customers
  • Provides email marketing features such as receipt emails and discount/sale emails

NCR Silver’s customer/members section really impressed me with how thoughtful and useful the functions and tools are. I found particular interest in the various email automation tools, one of which sends a discount alert to customers along with their previous receipt(s).

Ease of Use & User Interface

Props to NCR for this section. Given NCR Corporation’s size and experience with POS software, I entered this review with the expectation that NCR Silver’s interface would be well-designed. However, I was genuinely surprised by how intuitive and simple-to-navigate the user interface really was. Both the tablet interface as well as the all-inclusive web portal were comfortable to use, and I was able to quickly figure out most functions by simply clicking and playing around with the platform. After 15-20 minutes, I felt like I was fairly familiar with the gist of the platform as far as basic functions were concerned. More advanced tools and customizations, such as customer loyalty and discounts may be a bit difficult to navigate, but I’m positive that anyone could easily become a fluent user after a brief walkthrough.

Customer Service

A common issue I see with POS systems is “good product, poor service”. With NCR Silver however, I was glad to see that good product went hand-in-hand with good service. Customer support is available 24/7 via chat or phone, and wait times are surprisingly short. Looking over other reviews and reports, it seems that there’s very few complaints and people are often connected to a live representative within minutes. Overall, NCR Silver’s support team is very good with providing personal assistance. Of course, there’s always the $299 option for a personal NCR representative.

POS Hardware & POS Software Compatibility

NCR Silver currently runs on Apple devices, which means iPad and iPhone. Unfortunately, I found iPhones too small and cramped to properly navigate and use a POS interface on, so I would highly suggest going with an iPad. NCR also provides a variety of peripheral devices and hardware, such as scanners, card readers, stands, and drawers. While NCR lists their peripheral devices as branded hardware, they should also support any standard hardware. A good reason to purchase hardware directly through NCR though, is their free overnight hardware replacement policy regarding broken or malfunctioning hardware: a great solution to avoiding what would otherwise be a disaster for small businesses.

Integration & Add-Ons

With NCR’s long history and experience with payment processing, it’s no surprise to discover that NCR Silver supports payment processing from most providers. They’ve also created a dedicated NCR SecurePay gateway for integrating with a variety of payment processors. In addition, the POS system also integrates with commonly used accounting software such as Quickbooks and Xero. Again, NCR Silver’s strength in marketing automation is reinforced with their integration with Facebook and Twitter. I found no indication of other notable software add-ons though I would have liked to see more add-ons to improve features like employee management and time clock which I found to be lacking in functionality compared to other POS systems.


  • Amazing marketing automation and tools
  • Long history of experience in the industry
  • Restaurant tools is a good bonus (only in Pro version)


  • Lacking in add-ons
  • No Android support
  • Certain functions can be improved such as time clock
  • No weight scale; ironic given that pricing in weight is a function

Final Verdict

Overall, NCR has produced a very strong cloud-based POS system with NCR Silver. This system provides a solid solution for many common small business needs in regards to point-of-sale processing and business management, with top performance in helping with marketing automation. The option to upgrade for restaurant-specific functionality is a unique capability not supported by many other POS systems on the market, which is great. I see some definite shortcomings and potential improvements with existing features and functions. However, this is counter-balanced by the unique marketing features and restaurant support provided by NCR Silver. I would recommend NCR Silver for a small retail business or restaurant, though depending on situation and needs, NCR’s Aloha or Counterpoint system may more fitting.