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TechStorm POS System


With so many people shopping online and using mobile devices, small businesses may find difficulty in managing their ecommerce and marketing needs. TechStorm brings together a unique combination of great customer service, software, and hardware. The platform includes a full hardware terminal setup as well as integrated POS and management system for solving the needs of small and medium sized businesses. TechStorm provides many noteworthy tools and features with its cloud-based POS including CRM with marketing and alerting system, inventory control, reporting functions and many other useful features. I found that there were a few quirks and interesting details which aid the purchase experience of customers.

Who Should Use TechStorm POS?

The all-in-one hardware/software system and variety of functions makes TechStorm’s POS system a great choice for all kinds of QSR or retail stores looking for a one-stop solution to most POS needs. The platform is able to support small storefronts as well as bigger businesses, however I did not find indication of multi-store support. TechStorm definitely optimized the marketing and alerting features included in the software, which is great for businesses who make use of discount or clearance sales, or are looking to increase the number of repeat customers. I found this simple, yet effective marketing integration to a great addition to the overall system, providing it a key unique features not found in many other comparable POS systems.

Fees & Pricing

The pricing here is definitely one of the winning aspects for me and is where TechStorm really shines. In exchange for taking over your credit card processing and associated fees, TechStorm provides you one of their TPOS1 terminals which includes all the equipment needed to get up and running. This is a great deal for many businesses and especially those not looking to put down initial fees. For small businesses who are simply looking for an all-inclusive, simple solution to credit card processing and POS needs, TechStorm’s pricing structure is very attractive.


Like most cloud-based POS systems, TechStorm provides the basic inventory, reporting, and point-of-sale functions needed by most retail businesses. Unfortunately, the features are not as customizable as similar competitors and may not be as intensive. However, the functions provided cover most of the common requirements small and medium sized businesses are looking for.

  • Email alerts to customers about offers or sales
  • Employee management
  • Syncs with Quickbooks and several other applications
  • Paperless cloud receipts
  • “All-in-one” hardware with no extra cost

Ease of Use & User Interface

The interface here was fairly easy to use, but was much simpler than others I’ve seen. It does however, perform the job of operating as a point-of-sale terminal. I thought that the hardware design of the terminal was great in having a pivoting holder for the tablet-based screen. After the employee inputs the sales info, the screen is flipped over to the customer to be signed with a finger and confirmed. This definitely adds an extra degree of customer interaction and is great for improving relations. Unfortunately, I was hoping that the interface would be more customer-oriented rather than having the interface be more employee-focused.

Customer Service

In terms of customer service, TechStorm performs very well. The staff was friendly and supports customers from various angles, such as helping install the TPOS1 hardware as well as training staff. One area that was lacking however, was the number of channels of access to the support team, with phone and contact form only.

POS Hardware & POS Software Compatibility

Since TechStorm operates on their own tablet-based hardware terminal, there is not much room in terms of compatibility with other hardware as the system is all-in-one. I did find their hardware design great and the lack of choices isn’t too much of a limitation. The terminal and platform is compatible with all most payment types such as various credit cards, cash, and gift cards. For all intents and purposes, this system should be sufficient for most small businesses in terms of solving POS and payment processing needs.

Integration & Add-Ons

Unfortunately, I found that TechStorm offers few add-ons to what is included. The system does integrate with accounting software such as Quickbooks, which makes it useful for back office needs of some retail stores. In general, the included functions are enough to cover most needs of small businesses, but those in need of more customizable or intensive features may want to look into another system.


  • “All-in-one”
  • Simple pricing/payment structure
  • Great hardware design
  • Marketing tools and alerts are a nice bonus feature
  • Good customer service and support; especially with initial set-up


  • Very limited customizations
  • No other hardware options except what comes standard
  • Hardware is initially free, but there may be additional service fees
  • Does not have add-ons or special peripheral support and devices

All-inclusive hardware, great pricing offer, and provides some unique features. TechStorm’s POS is perfect for the small business owner who is less in need of add-on’s, special features, and customization, and more in need of a simple-to-use POS system mainly for card processing, although this POS does also offer some cool features such as email marketing.

Final Verdict

For most small businesses looking for credit card processing and some general management tools, TechStorm provides an all-in-one system that fits those needs perfectly. While there is limitations on the customization and specialization of features and functions, the included tools and features do cover most needs. What really stuck out to me for TechStorm is their marketing and sales alert features which are sure to help increase the amount of your business’s repeat customers and help drive sales. Overall, this is a great software and hardware all-in-one package that fits the needs of most small business needs. There could be improvements on the customizability and how intensive the features are, but for all intents and purposes, the package delivers solid performance.