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Although relatively unknown in the POS industry, we have found that ZingCheckout POS offers a great, versatile POS system for merchants and retailers. It’s compatible with essentially all mobile devices – iPad, Android, Mac, and PC. Although meant for small businesses, it offers functionality for multiple branches. They offer a very simple pricing plan and even have a free Starter option. With so many compatible credit card processors as well as the freedom to use your own, they ease the many worries that merchants may have. With critical features such as customer management, adding different employees/users, offering discounts, and providing split tender functionality, you can’t really go wrong with ZingCheckout – on paper, at least. Let’s see if the actual POS system lives up to its expectations, as we test out a free trial for this ZingCheckout POS review. 

Who Should Use ZingCheckout Point Of Sale?

ZingCheckout POS is essentially targeted towards retailers, as most POS systems are. For this ZingCheckout POS review, it’s not really meant for service/hospitality industries (bars, restaurants, etc.). ZingCheckout offers functionality for multiple branches, but it’s focused primarily on small businesses. There are actually no limits on the number of products, registers, or users for the product.

Fees & Pricing

ZingCheckout POS offers both a free model as well as a paid model which we will go into further detail in this ZingCheckout POS review. They also offer a 14 day free trial, which you can start without a credit card or phone call. Here’s a breakdown of their pricing models that we put together for the purpose of this ZingCheckout POS.

  • Starter: Free
    • Accepts cash only
    • Up to 50 Products
    • 200 Transactions
    • Single User
    • Single Location
    • Standard Features
      • Unlimited Registers, Send E-Mail & Text Receipts, Barcode Scanning, Basic Reporting, Basic Social Listing, Single Product Option & Attribute
  • Premium: $49/month per location
    • Accept Cash & Credit Cards
    • Unlimited Transactions
    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Users
    • Multiple Locations
    • Extra Features
      • Enhanced reporting, Unlimited Options & Attributes, Enhanced/Customizable Social Listing, Customized/Branded, Product Inventory Tracking, Flexible Product Discounts, Order/Item/Customer Notes, Product Images

Zing also offers several POS hardware bundles that you can purchase:

  • iPad Package: $999
    • Star Micronics TSP143L Receipt Printer
    • Roll of Receipt Paper
    • Connecting Cable for Cash Drawer to Receipt Printer
    • APG Vasario Series Cash Drawer
    • ID TECH Shuttle Credit Card Reader
    • Motorola CS3070 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
    • @Rest by Heckler Design
  • Android Package: $999
    • Same As Above
  • PC/Mac Package: $699
    • Star Micronics TSP143U Receipt Printer
    • Roll of Receipt Paper
    • Connecting Cable for Cash Drawer to Receipt Printer
    • ID TECH MiniMag MSR
    • Motorola LS 2208 USB Barcode Scanner

Credit Card Processors

ZingCheckout POS offers several compatible payment gateways for you to choose from, or you can setup one that you already have. Here’s a list of the supported processors that we have found for this ZingCheckout POS review:

  • USAePay
  • Authorize.Net
  • First Data Global Gateway (Linkpoint)
  • Merchant Warehouse
  • Paypal Payflow
  • Mercury Payments


The ZingCheckout POS software categorizes its features into several categories based on the task at hand, which is how we’ll describe the features on here in this ZingCheckout POS review.

The POS system offers many useful features for merchants. You can create & apply discounts, as well as apply multiple tax levels. ZingCheckout lets you add a customer to a transaction for tracking and possible promotions later on. You can also add notes about the customer that will show up (automatically) when the customer returns. In terms of the cash drawer, the system will track the money inside the drawer. When you are performing a transaction as we have done for this ZingCheckout POS review, you can add extra detail to orders/items, as well as look up past orders (and pull them up inside the point of sale). You can upload product pictures for your inventory. For processing transactions more quickly, you can use a barcode scanner. In this ZingCheckout POS review, we have found that it also offers print/send receipt functionality, as well as item refunds. Multiple currencies are supported, and you can select from many for the currency of your main account. For customization, you can also select from several themes for your point of sale.

The reporting functionality offers the primary features that many other POS systems offer as we have found in this ZingCheckout POS review. The reports can vary from different types/filters, allowing you to track sales by product, category, and user. You can also check hourly sales and profit margin reports. You can break down the reports by day, month, year, or you can set specific date ranges. Reports can be exported to CSV or Excel, as well as sent via email. You can also view reports on your smartphone as we managed to do in this ZingCheckout POS review.

The ordering functionality also provides some highly useful features. You can view what was purchased, but more importantly you can view who the cashier was at the time, customer information, and notes on orders/items. You can also modify orders, easily being able to refund, restock, or delete (requires manager permission). There are daily summaries available for order totals by the day, which can also be printed as we have found in this ZingCheckout POS review.

For products & categories (inventory, essentially), ZingCheckout POS review offers a world of features. They’ll help you import your data if you have a list of products, and you can also add items to your inventory on your smartphone. Another feature offered is that not only can you track sales, but you can also track your profit margin on those sales. Product labels can also be printed using Avery labels or a Dymo label printer. When managing your inventory, you can list items within categories for better organization and navigation (products can also be in multiple categories). Items can be modified as well, such as by size; each option will have a different stock level. You can also add descriptions to your products, such as attributing colors, which can also be on the customer’s receipts. The “Stockroom” allows you to manage entire categories of product stock levels at once. We have found in this ZingCheckout POS review that your inventory can be exported at any time (with stock levels) to an Excel compatible CSV.

In this ZingCheckout POS review, we have found that the POS software offers several features to manage users/employees. You can manage each user’s ability to perform different tasks such as applying discounts, deleting orders, or processing refunds. You can limit users to as many branches as you wish. Also, the account comes with 4 pre-set roles – Master, Summary, Manager, and Cashier.

There are several social integration features offered as well. You can have a website for your business instantly, which includes your logo, links, business description, map, and more. Listings can be shared through digital receipts, and so your customers can instantly share your business on Twitter & Facebook.

Ease of Use & User Interface

Starting a free trial with ZingCheckout POS is extremely quick. It’s as easy as creating an account for a social media network or making a new email.  I played around with the Mac version as well as the iPad app of ZingCheckout POS by starting a 14-day free trial. For desktops, ZingCheckout POS system is accessed online; there’s no downloadable app. This raises a red flag, however, given that this means there may not be any offline functionality. Also, I have to admit I was not very pleased with the design of the product. It’s fairly easy to use but it’s not so appealing. It does not really resonate with the modern era of UI design and is much less design-centered as its competitors. I was deeply disappointed at the time of writing this ZingCheckout POS review and I hope there will be changes made in the near future. Both the iPad app and the online version (Mac) look exactly the same. Compared to other POS interfaces, ZingCheckout was lacking a bit. Nonetheless, the ZingCheckout POS is still easy to follow and Zing provides tutorials to help you out. The back-office and the actual ZingCheckout POS are both accessed on the same platform, whether you’re online or on a tablet. Other competitors seem to provide access to the back-office online only, and not on the app. Although I did not like the design, as it seemed too old-fashioned, I admit I was shocked at how easy it was to do critical tasks on the ZingCheckout POS, such as splitting tenders, adding a discount, emailing/texting receipts, etc. This made me more excited to write this ZingCheckout POS review: You can also add customer details fairly easily, as well as add notes to certain orders/items.

Customer Service

All of ZingCheckout POS’s premium subscriptions come with lifetime POS software support (24/7 phone support), as well as updates. For POS hardware support, ZingCheckout POS charges roughly $75/hour, as mentioned before (unless you purchase your hardware directly from ZingCheckout POS, in which case you will have free support). In this ZingCheckout POS review, we have found that it offers many different channels of support: Email ([email protected]), Phone (855-879-9464), Live Chat, Blog, Facebook & Twitter, Articles/Manuals (database with hardware installation help, features, setup, FAQ’s, etc.), and Support Tickets.   

POS Hardware & POS Software Compatibility

ZingCheckout POS works on basically any mobile device: PC, Mac, iPad, and Android Tablets. The POS system also works on any operating system: Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, and Linux). ZingCheckout POS suggests using Google Chrome and recommends users not to use Internet Explorer 9 or lower. For iPads, you must have iOS 6 or higher, and for Android, Android 4.0 or higher. The company  offers several hardware bundles, which are listed above in the Fees & Pricing section. For thermal printers, ZingCheckout POS is compatible with Star Micronics TSP143 & TSP650 printers, and Epson TM – T88V series printers. For cash drawers, essentially any APG cash drawer is compatible. There are three types of compatible barcode scanners- Motorola Symbol LS 2208, Motorola Symbol CS3070 (iPad), or any HP barcode scanner.

Integrations & Add-Ons

ZingCheckout POS offers a number of integrations for their product. For an online store, they really offer a large commerce selection. They’ll automatically sync your products to it or bring them into ZingCheckout POS initially. Your inventory is synced and kept up to date on both sides (in store and online). In regards to gift cards & customer loyalty (store credit as well), they offer Sparkbase integration. For email marketing, they offer integration with MailChimp, which is very convenient as we have found when writing this ZingCheckout POS review.

Final Pro vs. Con List

We’ve talked a lot about ZingCheckout POS throughout this post, and so here’s a quick pro and con list to give you a run-down of the essentials:

  • Pros
    • Very intuitive and easy-to-use
    • 24/7 Phone Support
    • Social Integration & Mailchimp Integration
    • Flexible Payment Processing Options
    • Offered on many different OS platforms – iOS, Android, Mac, and PC
    • Video tutorials and articles to help you get started
    • Support for multiple branches
  • Cons
    • Design and POS interface is not so pleasing (a little old-fashioned)
    • No multiple tax rates
    • Entering the cash amount that the customer gives is not as seamless as other POS systems (doesn’t provide quick buttons such as $5, $10, $20, etc. – has to be entered manually for all transactions unless the exact amount is given)
    • If POS hardware is not purchased from ZingCheckout POS, you have to pay $75/hour (Wow…), if you want hardware support
    • Text receipts can be sent, but only the time of the sale. Afterwards, only E-mail & print receipt options are viable.
    • No dashboard for your reports, instead it will show one type of report and you must choose another filter/option to see other kinds of reports (no dashboard showing all types of reports at once)
    • No restaurant functionality

Final Verdict

ZingCheckout POS offers a vast area of options in terms of how the product can be utilized. Essentially any device can access ZingCheckout POS. However, the design and user interface of the POS software isn’t so appealing, especially compared to how design-centric its competitors are. However, it’s very easy to use, which can overshadow its appearance flaws. They offer the critical features that most POS systems offer, such as split tenders, email/text/print receipts, customer details, notes on orders, daily summaries, etc. These features can all be accessed on the same platform, whereas some competitors only allow back-office access online (web browser). All in all, in this ZingCheckout POS review, we conclude that this is a great product with an abundance of features and flexibility for merchants, and would be a great addition for a small business owner looking for a POS system and POS software.