At TrustedPOS, we offer 2 types of services:

1. Free consulting for credit card processing

We’re going to give you a completely free consultation for credit card processing. We’ll recommend you a vendor that will give you lower rates while taking your needs into consideration. And yes, you did hear right. We are offering this service for free. As a merchant, you might be asking why. Well, it’s simple. Instead of charging you, we’ll be charging the vendors.

2. Free 15 minute consulting for POS software

This is the crux of our business at TrustedPOS, as we love playing with POS technology and are more than happy to offer our expert advice and personal opinion. Taking all your needs into consideration, we will offer our unbiased recommendations and point you to the correct direction. Sticking to our usual formula, the first 15 minutes of our consultation will be free and afterwards, we can formulate a partnership that will move the collaboration forward.